Selling More Security Alarms through Telemarketing

Selling More Security Alarms through Telemarketing

While many people refuse to send money on security alarms, this type of product can provide an entire family with a little security and peace of mind. Of course, consumers sometimes need a little bit of convincing, before they commit to such a purchase. This is why it is crucial for security businesses to seek out potential customers, make contact and seal the deal. In the old days, a security contractor would be forced to travel door to door, in order to sell their products. With the advantage of telemarketing software for security companies, this is no longer the case. Everything can be set up and automated from your office.

Cheaper Telemarketing

In the past, security firms would have to set up large office spaces and buildings, in order to build a comprehensive and effective telemarketing campaign. With the use of the Internet and cloud-based software, this is no longer an issue. The security firm can nearly automate the entire process, while only employing a limited number of employees. This can help to alleviate some of the costs of the overall telemarketing campaign. Call Center Now can automatically call and deliver pre-programmed messages to potential clients, in order to establish a relationship.

Telemarketing Made Easy

Telemarketing is always somewhat unreliable and unpredictable, but predictive dialing can help. With predictive outbound dialing, it is possible to compose and analyze specific campaigns, whether you’re running an insurance company, debt collection business or a security firm. This specific feature of the software will improve the success rate of your telemarketing campaign, but providing you with states and accurate predictions regarding your potential customers.

Setting up A Call Center

While outbound dialing is crucial for establishing relationships and drawing in new customers, inbound calls are just as important. Remember that sometimes your product can be a little complicated and your customer might have difficulty programming the alarm or shutting it off. In these situations, they’ll make direct contact with your customer support center, in order to get help. Thankfully, the Call Center Now software can make your support center more effective, by automatically answering calls and transferring your customers to the corresponding department depending on their specific problems.

Auto Training your Agents

Not everyone is capable of using computer software so easily. It is crucial to ensure that your agents and telemarketers are properly trained and prepared to make the hard sale. The easiest way to do this is to rely on the software’s auto training feature. With this technology, your new employees will be able receive training through a computer system, without needing to hire others for this purpose, which can save your security firm a ton of money.

Local Caller ID

Many consumers will not purchase or even answer the phone from a call, which is placed from outside of their area. With the appropriate software, it is possible to route your calls and make them appear to be coming from a local area. This will increase the number of customers, who pick up, while also encouraging those, who do not, to return the call in the future.